Golf training

Hartola has excellent training areas, skilled coaches / instructors and relaxed positive spirit. We have a versatile and good-quality golf course and good services. We are  open-minded and jovial golf community of hobbyists.

Training courses for the 2020 season

Teaching takes 4 hours, 10am - 15pm (including lunch break).  You only need the outdoor equipment and brave mind! You will learn the basics of golf in this course. If you are  bitten by the golf bug, you will know how to practice in the future.

Course days (12 persons / course)

Sat 18.5. / Sat 8.6. / Sat 29.6. / Sat 13.7. / 20.7. / 3.8.

Registration by Email:

Inquiries: +358 10 231 2385




In Hartola, you can practice golf on your own, participate in golf training courses or take private golf lessons.
Try golf on! Free of charge, without obligation!
Free training for beginners every Friday 7.6. – 2.8  from 17:00 to 18:00.

GREEN CARD (golf driving license),price 40€ (including 2 hours golf training and one round)

When you start to feel that you are ready for the real golf course, please contact us.
The Green Card ensures comfort and safety of all players on the golf course.The Green Card does not measure game skills, but whether players know, how to act and move in the golf course according to common rules of the game.

Green Card course,  price 90€ including 

One day course from 10.00  to 15.00. The price includes a Green Card performance that can be carried out on the day of the course or on a date to be agreed.

Course days:

27.4. / 25.5. / 15.6. / 6.7. / 27.7.
The course's golf teacher is Jukka Ollilainen
Registration and inquiries: or +358 10 231 2382

How much is golf playing
There are many ways to practice golf. Find out different options in our price list.

Please contact our office and we will guide you through the game matters.
Phone: +35810 231 2385 (Tera)